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Settings for android tested on:

Version 4.3.X Ice Cream Sandwich


    Press the menu button.

    Press “Settings”.

    Press “Wireless & Networks”.

    Press “Wi-Fi settings”.

    Activate WiFi.

    A list of available wireless networks will show up.

    Press & hold “eduroam”.

    Press “Edit network settings/Connect to network”.

    Press “EAP Type” and select “TTLS”.

    Press “Phase-2 authenication” and select “PAP”.

    “CA certificate” can be left blank.

    “User certificate” can be left blank.

    In the “Identity/Username” field, fill in your Avans username followed by

    In the “anonymous identity” field fill in:

    In Password field, fill in the password of your Avans account.

    Press “Connect” after a few moments you should be connected.