1. Enter the [Main menu].
  2. Select [Settings].
  3. Select [Wireless and Networks].
  4. Select [Wi-Fi Settings]
  5. Activeer [Wi-Fi] if needed.
  6. A list of availible networks will be displayed.
  7. Select [eduroam] from that list and keep it pressing it untill a pop up menu appears.
  8. Select [Edit network settings].
  9. For [EAP Type] select [TTLS].
  10. For [Phase 2-verification] select [PAP].
  11. Leave [CA-certificate] empty. With Android version 7.0 or higher, select "Do not Validate".
  12. Leave [Userscertificate] empty.
  13. For [identiteit] enter your Avans username followed by,
  14. For [Anonymous Identity] enter "".
  15. Enter your Avans password in the password box.
  16. Select [Connect]
You're now connected to eduroam.