Follow these instructions to install eduroam.

Step 1.

Click on the Wireless Network Icon.

Step 2.

Choose [Open Network and Sharing Center].

Step 3.

Choose [Manage wireless networks].

Step 4.

Search the list for [Eduroam], if it already exists delete it. Rightclick on [Eduroam] and select [Delete].

Next step choose the option [add].

Step 5.

Click on [Manually create a network profile].

Step 6.

Enter the settings as indicated below.

Network name: [eduroam]
Security type: [WPA2-Enterprise]
Encryption type: [AES]

Step 7.

Next click on [Change connection settings].

Step 8.

Select tab: Security, and take over the settings as below.

Security type: [WPA2-Enterprise]
Encryption type: [AES]
Netwerk authentication method: [Protection EAP (PEAP)]

Next click [Settings].

Step 9.

Then select [Settings / Preferences] and take over the settings as below.

Place checkmarks at [Validate server certificate] and [Connect to these servers:].

Fill in: [].

Scroll down and checkmark : [AddTrust External CA Root].

Select Authentication Method: [Secured password (EAP-MSCHAP v2)]

Next click on [Configure].

Step 10.

Deselect [Automatically use my Windows log on name and password (and domain if any)] and press [OK].

Step 11.

Close everything and connect to Eduroam. 

There will be a pop-up, click on it

Step 12.

Fill in your username, followed by (Not your email-address!) and your password. Next click [OK].

Step 13.

You are now connected to Eduroam.