MAC OS X-ENG-10.6.*-Install

Follow these instructions to install eduroam.

1. Open System Preferences (from Apple-menu in the upper left corner) and click the Network icon. This shows the network preferences.

2. Unlock the lock to allow you to make changes to configuration, then click the Advanced button. This shows a tabbed interface.

3. Click the 802.1X tab and add a user profile called Eduroam. 
    In that profile enter:
  • your User Name (format
  • your Avans Password 
  • Authentication: check only TTLS (Tunneled Transport Layer Security)
  • Configure TTLS (select and select Configure...):
  • TTLS Inner Authentication: PAP 
  • Outer identity:
  • Wireless Network name: eduroam
  • Security Type: WPA2 Enterprise
Press OK

4. Click Airport and select network called eduroam. Edit the network properties (pencil button): 

  • Network Name: eduroam 
  • Security: WPA2 Enterprise 
  • 802.1X: Eduroam (this is the 802.1X profile name you created previously)
  • This enters the name/password for this profile in the User Name and Password fields.
Click Save
Check Remember networks this computer has joined.

5. Click OK and Apply and you're good to go.

6. After this OS X may ask you for your login (enter your and password once more).